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Putting Va Va Voom in Valentine’s Day – without breaking the bank

Most of us are still recovering from the financial famine that was January, and year after year, despite this struggle being very real, we still end up spending more than we should in order to show our ‘skweezes” just how much we care.  Well, this need not be the case.  Here’s some cheap and cheerful Valentine’s Day suggestions that will still get you the “awwww… you shouldn’t have!” factor.


Don’t fight the cheese

Some ideas are clichéd because they work – every time. Don’t be afraid to do something that’s been done before.  Preparing a bath with candles, bubbles, ylang ylang aromatherapy oil, rose petals and Diana Krall in the background will STILL earn you serious brownie points. You can add some intimacy by washing your lady’s hair (can you say “head massage?”) and maybe even giving her a hair treatment. There are some relatively inexpensive mint shampoos that give a fantastic tingling sensation.


Nothing says ‘I love you’, like cake

You may be Gordon Ramsay’s worst nightmare in the kitchen, but baking something for your lover can be really sweet (as long as you don’t leave a mess in the kitchen you expect her to clean). Muffins, flapjacks or a classic chocolate cake decorated in your ‘boo’s’ favourite sweets will probably get her heart-custard pumping for your pudding-face.


Make her feel treasured

Planning a little treasure hunt around the house with little notes and affordable prezzies along the journey will definitely put a smile on her lips. You can even combo the hunt with a bath or cake as the final destination ‘treasure’.


Heebie jeebies lead to cuddles

Hiring a couple of horror movies and then prepping snacks, PJs, and a duvet on the couch (weather permitting) is a great way to spend some time clinging on to one another.


Weird but ‘personal’ is good

If your lady is fond of brightly coloured socks, odd-shaped candles or has a collection of vintage cabbage patch kid cards, presenting her with one of these will be a surefire way to show your affection of what makes her unique.

Once again, the cliché ‘it’s the thought that counts’, really does make all the difference, and it could get the same results as a pricey restaurant or ‘weekend getaway’ – without extending the famine to the rest of February.

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