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Dating Apps Put The Thunder Back In Dating

I have been thinking about dating again but I don’t have a lot of time to go out and socialize so I am back on dating sites. The place that affords me joy, laughter, and the freedom of flirting without the drag of dressing up and making small-talk. Even though some people still frown on the idea of using the net to find love, I’ve had some lasting love affairs via the world wide web. Web and app dating is the way to go now.

Let me share one app experience with you. It was super fun hooking up with my then girlfriend (it lasted three years) on Thunderbolt City. I know, the name cracks me up as well, but thunder is what it gave me. It was the winter of 2010, the year of the Soccer World Cup in South Africa. I was spending long nights out at fan parks and was coming back to an empty and cold home. The idea of having someone special waiting for me when I got home sent me to Thunderbolt City. I made a few acquaintances pretty quickly and then BOOM! I was dating and enjoying things that lovers do.

Online dating doesn’t always end up this way, sometimes prospective lovers don’t always upload a profile picture so you don’t have a visual to work from, you end up liking somebody just from their written word and online conversations before you get to meet them in flesh, which might be good or bad. I have met my fair share of weirdo’s. Most recently I came across a woman who preferred sexual intimacy while fully clothed. Needless to say I ran the other direction very fast.

There is another cool dating app called Scissr, the name is enough to excites any woman. All you need is your phone and all profiles have pictures attached to them so you have an idea of what your prospective lover looks like (that is if they are using their authentic image to begin with).

Scissr has introduced to me women from all over the world in an unimaginable way, only one or three swipes and you’re in a little heaven chatting to various women. This app is simply priceless because it zooms in to possible prospective lovers in your immediate area and you can adjust your location and reach as you wish. Sometimes I choose to view locals during a certain time of the day and then expand my search area as far wide as Japan after hours for fun. At least that’s what I do so as not to get tempted and get carried away by conjuring scissoring scenes on my mind all day long while I’m at work.

To me, dating apps are the best way to meet women, safe and fast. So if you need a little help in getting back on that dating horse, go with the apps. If you think about it, you ‘Gotta be on Scissr to be scissored (my own catch phrase, thank-you very much).

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